Chaos Dwarf Conversions

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I have a fully assembled Chaos Dwarf army (made up mostly of GW’s classic “big hat” models, plus some Mantic non-dwarf models for use as Abyssal Dwarfs in Kings of War), which is not yet in the gallery on this site because not a single model is painted.

The whole army is already a few years old, but it contains some nice conversions, which I thought would make a good first post for this blog:


  • I had one Bull Centaur model twice: the standard bearer, but one of them had a broken standard.
    So I swapped its upper body with a regular plastic dwarf. The first picture shows the original models on the left and the conversions on the right.
    Later I decided to replace the missing standard by a whip to use the model in Kings of War as a Slave Driver, which is shown on the second picture.

  • For Kings of War, I wanted to have Dragon Fire Teams made of “big hat” models.
    The original Mantic model has one dwarf holding the actual flamethrower, and one operating the “fuel tank”.
    For the actual flamethrowers, I just replaced the blunderbusses with 40K Ork flamethrower tips.
    I didn’t bother converting a GW metal dwarf to operate a fuel tank, so I just built a tank-like thing without operator out of the leftover Ork flamethrower backpacks and the rest of the blunderbuss.

  • Again for Kings of War, I have six Lesser Obsidian Golem models. Unfortunately there are only two different bodies (and no way to exchange parts between them without some knife work) and only three different heads.
    So I assembled two Golems in their original form (the left two on the first Golem picture), and heavily changed body parts, poses and heads with lots of green stuff for the other four.