Sacred Ground for Age of Magic: Crypta

category: Tabletop
tags: Fantasy Terrain Saga Undead WIP

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Here’s a nearly finished terrain piece, a crypta for use as a Sacred Ground in Saga: Age of Magic.

It’s based on the one in the Age of Magic rulebook (page 22 in the German book, no idea which page it is in the English book).

The base is exactly 10cm square (4 inch / Saga “M”), the recommended maximum size for Sacred Ground terrain pieces.

The basic structure is a styrofoam block as the center, and lots of single small styrofoam bricks. I got the idea from this German blog.
I really like the final look, but I probably wouldn’t build a larger terrain piece this way…cutting and gluing the bricks for this small building took already too much time.

It’s completely painted now except for the ground, because I’m not sure about the color yet.
I don’t want to use the base colors from my Undead army because it would be too much grey.
And sand colors would go well with my desert board, but I don’t like the idea of a crypta in the desert.

For now, I’ll just leave it like that.